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In the outer edges of the Oort cloud, a Sun Gate links solar systems light years apart. The gate quickly becomes its own hub of activity as mining factions drag nearby asteroids into the gate's orbit. Hollowed asteroids become bases, homes to many. When riches are discovered, peace becomes cheap.

With humble beginings as a hobby project that began in May 2009 and a free prototype stage in January of 2011. The project has entered a commercial early access stage in January of 2014.

Space Combat:

Fly ships, large and small. Pilot with mouse or joystick in six degrees of freedom Newtonian space.

Instantly switch ships to use a variety of weapons and capabilities against deadly enemies. Large ships aren't just slower moving versions of fighters, use a control and camera mode optimized for commanding larger ships and fire their turrets.

If you want your ships' crews do their jobs or to hop into a turret, toggle crew control.

Real Time Strategy:

At your disposal - total control over your forces. Issue orders to your fleets. Build ships, stations, defenses. Manage your bases and economy, using tactical mode a 3D battle map, command interface and management tool.

Think there's not enough time? Time dilation (slow down time) allows for tactics and management.

Void Destroyer combines elements of space combat simulation and real time strategy to let you play how you want to play without restrictions.

Latest News:

Iteration 19: Steam Early Access is now live!
Iteration 19: Prepping for Steam Early Access. Nearly ready!
Iteration 18 Demo: The demo has been removed, goal is to create an updated demo in the near future.
Steam Greenlight: Greenlit on 10-29-2013!
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Iteration 18 Demo installer: 10-19-2013 - is now available direct download link - change log
Iteration 17 Demo installer: 8-18-2013
Void Destroyer has been Kickstarted!: 7-01-2013
Thank you for your support!
Kickstarter Campaign start!: 5-31-2013
Iteration 16 main installer: 5-31-2013

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