Space Combat and Real Time Strategy

Iteration 11 Video Policy:

If you are interested in creating content for video sharing/streaming sites like YouTube/Twitch, please feel free.

Void Destroyer relies heavily on content such as this to raise awareness.

Please consider these conditions:

  • Feel free to monetize videos, for example displaying advertisements accompanying them.
  • Subscription based - VOD/Steaming - is ok, it would be nice if the video becomes available for free at a later date.
  • The above conditions apply only to Iteration 11 content.
  • Feel free to use this page in any dispute.

If you have a suggestion on how to enhance or make easier the process of creating, review videos, Let's Plays, Long Plays, instructional videos, cinematic movies or other types of videos please feel free to get in touch with your suggestions.

thank you

Iteration 11, Inc.