Iteration 4 released

You can download it here . Iteration 4′s main focus is the new tutorials and tactical mode visual changes.

My goal for iteration 5 was to start on the player’s command ship. The ship where the player’s in game avatar resides, an old warship found amid the rocks. However while testing iteration 4 I decided that I will first work on better physics integration. Right now I’m using physics in a sort of a hybrid way. I’ll fully integrate physics to give the ships more weight and a more realistic feel. Also I’ve been thinking of adding a better user interface for adjusting the graphics options, I’m not sure how many of those that download my game change the graphics options to get the most out of the experience, so I’ll create a better interface for this instead of the basic Ogre 3D setup window that currently appears.

There will also be an increased focus on getting textured and better art assets into the game.

I’m excited about the future of this project.