Monthly Archives: May 2013

Final Preparations

The trailer and pitch vids are uploaded. Iteration 16 is almost ready, just one more bug to fix. A few more preparations and tomorrow (post work) and hopefully we’ll get started.


The project is preparing for a Kickstar and Greenlight campaign. Iteration 16 is mostly ready – few bugs remain. A new trailer is up (though unlisted) and is looking and sounding good. The Kickstarter and Greenlight pages are mostly setup. I tweaked the homepage (http://www.VoidDestroyer) page, slightly have a bit more work to do. Have to re-record the pitch video though, it could be a lot better.  The pitch video – is a lot harder to do than I thought. First off I feel unnatural in front of the camera. That means that I often stumble on words, or say something odd/stupid that I regret and so I do another take. Its funny because I can talk anyone’s head off about the project, but for the pitch video I wanted to cover specifics and wanted to say specific things and that seemed to trip me up. Not the end of the world, just another step to take.

Speaking of Kickstarter and Greenlight, both are very streamlined and easy to do processes. Its actually incredible. Kickstarter in particular is incredibly helpful and easy to use.

Exciting times – but I’m mostly feeling anxiousness. I can’t fall asleep as easy, and I wake up earlier. The days are spent tweaking batches of text, chosing profile photos (of yours truly), taking screen shots and the like. Though tonight I did do some coding. Tweaked some AI, fun times.

Iter 16

A bunch more polish happened over the last week and I think iter 16 is mostly ready. Hoping to release it during the next week, then go from there.

Today I spent creating the trailer for it, yep took most of the day. I thought a few times that I need to add in a better “video camera” code/support, will come in handy in the future.

Earlyer in the week I added in “space dust” – to give the player a sense of movement in an otherwise empty “void of space”. I think it turned out pretty well, one experiment with space dust yielded a very cool “in nebula” effect, hoping to use that in the near future.


Having mostly finished with control mapping and the options screen – I did a bunch of little things – mostly glitches and oversights.

The biggest is that I re-added ribbon trails. Long ago the project had ships with ribbon trails, but I removed them when I realized that because ships in Void Destroyer can move backwards/in reverse – the ribbon trails could clip through the ship. I changed them a bit so that ribbon trails don’t emit when the ship is moving backwards, a small thing, but I couldn’t leave have them clip. Just a bit too sloppy.