Camera work

I switched gears a bit and worked on the camera system, I unified the code for the camera in tactical and ship modes, the code was nearly identical, but was in two seperate locations, bad programming. Then I changed the camera behavior to be more smooth, basically by giving the camera rotations/movements a velocity and then slowing this velocity to 0 over a short period of time when the player isn’t commanding the camera to move. So when the player rotates around the ship there is a bit of a decelleration instead of the hard stop when the player stops the mouse movement. Much more pleasing. Next up is adding a few more neat camera touches. Maybe I’ll even include camera shake when there’s an explosion nearby or some other polishes.

Before this I worked on the hook/harpoon ability of the command ship, I have the physics side mostly figured out (this took a lot out of me, physics is an area that is very foreign to me), but the visual side made me a bit frustrated (looked like crap, and not a good prognosis for it looking cool) so decided to work on something that I can see the effects right away. Good way to combat burnout.

Iter 7 is scheduled for next weekend (4th of July weekend).