Updated station building

Before station building was basically this: if a Planet didn’t have a station already, you could build a station. There was no user positioning of the station, the position was hardcoded (based on distance away from planet). This station was an all in one: defense, shipyard, hangar, and a place where transport ships would transfer cargo. The model used was one I drew up after many failed attempts (the best of the worst made it in).

Now both planets and asteroid bases are able to produce a variety of bases, the user goes into the build screen, selects a station, clicks to create a placeholder object. The user can now positon the placeholder object in 3D space as well as rotate it. The user then tells the placeholder object to begin building. The station then becomes part of the world. The models are SolCommand’s.

There is still a lot of polishing to do: I need to make sure that the station isn’t too close or too far from its base. I need to make sure that the placeholder isn’t on top of another station or object. But hey a substancial part is done and I’m pretty pleased with it.

I may have to let a few days go by with minimal work on this project since I’m starting to feel a bit burned out. Assasin’s Creed 2 awaits (also Dragon Age Ulimate Edition and Gothic 3)!

New you tube video: