So normally the past weekend would have been spent preparing the next release, instead I added a few neat features related to missiles. There is a big benefit to a longer cycle between releases, it gains an extra weekend a month of coding, weekends being when the major additions come about. Plus usually during “release weekends” I get burned out from the bug fixes and other little details that I often have to take care of, names in the installer, turning off debug options, bug testing, prepping the installer, finding that it doesn’t work, prepping it again, uploading etc.

So again I don’t think we’ll see an iteration 11 in November, or December. January is fairly fitting for iter 11 because that’s when iter 1 came out – wow almost a fully year ago.. the project certainly progressed. Hopefully, given another year it will be good enough for a commercial release :)

In other news, I worked a bit on the camera system, I added a camera roll when the ship rolls in first and chase views. Also I tweaked the camera movements in these modes to make the camera more dynamic, that and the addition of the roll has a pretty neat effect, giving a sort of a “wild” animal feel to controlling a fighter.