More AI and happenings

I was hoping to be wrapping up the basics of AI and heading into adding another weapon type then working on tactical mode. But there’s still more work to do. Recently I changed over the the save/load system so that it would be compatible with the new AI and it I thought I’d be done with it by now. It is working well for the most part, but when I went to do the same with the trading ship AI I noticed it wasn’t very compatible, so now I’m fighting with it a bit to make it compatible with the AI manager system. Its good stuff all around because this means that the trading ship AI will more modular so that it can be used for other ships – for example ferrying ore from asteroids or cargo pods from destroyed ships. While doing this I was testing the transport ship AI and noticed a few bugs here and there to the gravity drive system, as usual I think I finally have it fixed heh heh…

Speaking of AI I had a really neat moment recently, a drone fighter turned to face its target (while turning off its thruster engines) and then when facing the target the drone hit its afterburner to charge at its opponent. I guess you’d have to be there to appreciate it, but it looked and felt fairly intelligent and dramatic :)

In other news I posted about my project on’s gaming reddit here’s a link I had a good response to it so that made me glad, even got an email with some additional kudos :)

The posting made me realize that its been far too long between iterations, so I have to clean up the current version enough so that its playable and then release it, getting tired of saying: but in the in development build… besides the change log is getting very crowded.