Clawing our way toward iter 11… ok its not so bad, lots of new art has arrived, and much play testing and tweaking is happening.

Two important things happened recently – unified/made make sense the field of view setting, this is important because on wide screens with high resolutions models (the game world really) sometimes became distorted due to the fov settings, still may not have conquered this, but on a better path.

The other interesting happening is that the game would crash after about 2 minutes of a fight created via the battle editor. It started with getting reports from the other team member that the game would crash non-stop, which was kind of a shock to me because it didn’t crash on my side (for about a week now it has been very stable on my pc). When I can’t replicate an issue it worries me a lot, because its something I can’t fix/solve easily.

But luckily Drew sent over the instant action file that would trigger the crash and it crashed on my side as well. This is good news because if a bug/issue can be replicated then it can be fixed. Long story short: it turned out to be a crash due to the game using up its max allowed memory. The cause was particle effects, recently we’ve added a debri effect on explosions and impacts. These tended to linger for a decent amount of time while they float and spin away from whatever it is that exploded. The game engine is designed to re-use particles, but only if they stopped playing in the game world, if there aren’t any avaiable particles then the engine creates a new one, well if the debris were lingering then the particle system wasn’t stopped so new ones were being created, until a crash due to running out of memory. Interesting and new problem.

For now the band aid is to cap the amount of particle systems that can be created, but later on a more sophisticated solution will take place. Seperating the debris effect from the explosion effect so, because really they are somewhat independent is a start, testing distance to the player’s ship is another, and also putting limits on the amount of particles created.

2 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Vladius

    May be better to post donwload link to all and say “It’s open beta, we can cath bugs together”? I was beta tester in “Buka” russian gamedev company and may be can help find some crashes.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for the offer. At this stage of the project outside testing is a very difficult thing. I tend to focus on one aspect (for example: AI, or camera or weapons) and if I get a bug report about something else that drags my attention else where. Also often by the time I get a bug report the issue may already be solved on my end, and then it leads to confusion whether the bug still remains or if it is fixed. Once the project gets more stable and I jump around the code less then I think what you propose will be a reality.

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