Iter 14 news

The goal/plan is to release iter 14 within two weeks – that means cleaning up command mode. I’m ready for it since I’ve been off on some tangents.

I’ve spent yesterday and today re-working transport ships. They now show the pods that they carry instead of the “invisible” cargo bay method of before. Getting the pods to attach to the ship was the easy part (though there’s a bunch of “invisible” stuff happening during the actual “attachment”). They now appear attached to the ship at the proper place, and detach somewhat visibly from the parent ship when the transport ship is at its destination. The annoying part was having to re-work a lot of the existing transport ship code that treated cargo in a very generic – just a number – way. Things got a bit more complex, because now ships have a set number of attachment points, so “cargo bays” couldn’t be as generic.

The thought that keeps popping up in my mind is how much transport ship stuff is there going to be in the game? The funny thing is that transport ships were one of the earliest types of ships in game, but players have seen the least of them since they’ve been not quite ready for a while so I’ve excluded them from releases, now they are getting closer to finished, so I’m hoping that they become a sizable part of the game – having spent a bunch of time on them.