Iter 14 ETA

Hoping to release iteration 14 during the coming week. This morning I finished up some sound system change overs, using new sound files with the new game engine sound enhancements. Then I started some light play testing and bug/issue fixing. I’m going to do a lot of save/load testing as well since that caused a bunch of problems in iteration 13.

After iteration 14 I will focus on adding the story, so lots of story support coding and hopefully the start of the story will follow. The goal is to create a few hour sof game play that demonstrates the game fairly well and then push towards a Stream Greenlight campaign, and maybe even a Kickstarter – with the goal of getting funds towards re-doing the gui and hud.

2 thoughts on “Iter 14 ETA

  1. Kalinin

    Sounds great. Recently stumbled upon this and gotta say, what there is is pretty good and fun. The GUI/Interface/what-have-you sorely needs work, though. It’s quite difficult to see what’s going on and having to navigate through several menus just to adjust your base production gets tedious. So far seems quite similar to homeworld, which is great, with the added bonus of being able to get in the action yourself. I’ll vote and kickstart for sure. Keep it up!

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for the comment and kudos, I truly appreciate it. If you can write up more details as to why certain aspects are difficult/tedious that would be a great help. Things tend to be designed the way that they are because that is what is comfortable to me, so it can be difficult to get into other people’s heads, since I know every aspect.

    The gui/hud has been driving me nuts for years… hoping that it will be completely overhauled, with images (comprising the majoirty) instead of text and more of a visual at a glance feedback rather than having to read.

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