Road To Beta – PT 3

Last week (had to glance at the blog post to make sure ) I wrote about the repair beam visual clipping through, I posted an update to Kickstarter backers with a video of the effect and got some comments about that there as well. So Monday I fixed it so it doesn’t clip anymore – it will be optional. So  some (for example) super powerful beams will still go through the target, but a repair beam won’t.


I still had a lot of thoughts towards rebalancing, so I did another overhaul and changed a bunch of parameters of ships. Removed some turrets and overall increased health and decreased firepower – on ships larger than corvettes. I sped up some corvettes and fighters.

Then the task turned to scripting the mission and boss fight. I actually started enjoying it – mainly because it started becoming cool. There were still a bunch of struggles and balance is an issue. I also changed how the boss behaves – it should be interesting how people new to it will react and what kinds of feedback I’ll get.


So Beta is very close – I was hoping for the “month” post Kickstarter promise to be very literal – but I think that we’ll more likely do a month plus a weekend post Kickstarter. What is left is the “unlockable” instant action scenarios. I want Beta players to experience them along side the story, so I don’t want to add them in post or at a later time. Also I need to add in music (I have several un-used tracks available) and other such polish.