Greenlit! – The road to Early Access

Well – what I’ve been hoping, dreaming and stressing about happened. Void Destroyer has been approved towards becoming released on Steam. One of these days I have to write up a Kickstarter postmortem. I hope it ends up good reading.


Have to cut this short since its been a long week and weekend. The focus now is prepping for Steam’s Early Access – this means that I have to create a version of the game that will be scrutinized far more than it has up to date. Kickstarter backers are motivated by helping a project, so will some of the audience I hope to find on Steam, but Steam’s audience (I suspect) is a bit more motivated by playing the game and enjoying it. So I’ll have to add in value and polish. Things that have been planned to be added towards “commercial release” – which has now been pushed up in schedule. This is a great opportunity that I should try my hardest to maximize. It is essentially a chance at releasing twice, and projects tend to get the most attention when they are released, with early access it is another chance to be on Steam’s front  page.


The cool thing is that with a few lines of C++ code Void Destroyer now connects to Steam and I get a pop up stating that fact whenever I run the game to test or check out a new addition or the status of a bug. Seeing that message is another layer of motivation.