Needs more boss fight

A while back my sound designer sent over “lateral thruster sounds” but they didn’t fit the game too well. They were a bit too shrill and because there were other priorities they were left for later. So early last week we decided to revisit and my sound designer created some more thruster sounds. These times they fit really well, further more he created a mockup vid which alternated the thruster sounds a bit depending on the direction, it sounded very neat!

Long story short they are now in game, along with alternating forward/reverse thrusts/engines as well, so players will hear a bunch more engine feedback. Due to the relatively recent – other ship’s engines sounds don’t play now – change, I could now tweak the engine sounds to be louder (before – with other ship’s engines sounds playing it tended to be too much noise, so I quieted them) so I think that the change helps with immersion and gives more “joy of flight.”

The rest of the week was spent working some more on the current end of the content, the boss fight. I needed a certain thing to do something a certain way, and I came up with some decent solutions. I think the end result is both clever and in game universe fitting :) Can’t discuss it here since that would be a spoiler, but I’m happy – so I accomplished my goal.

Now that the boss fight is essentially finished – the next parts of the story are being worked on – since there isn’t a lull in the story, I need to get those done before releasing the update, hopefully that will be done very soon.