Bits of new content and happenings

A bit of new content has made its way into the game, about 10-15 minutes worth – so fairly short, more of a transitional stage to set the mood and offer a bit of new surprises. After that I got a bit stuck on the story, I have a general idea, but I just have to slog through it.

Since the slog was very rough going I decided to put in multi controller support. This was brought up again on Steam forums (was brought up before on Void Destroyer’s “official” forums and on Kickstarter feedback prior), but this time, with the slog I decided it would be a good time. 

To put in multi controller support – I needed multiple controllers – fairly obvious eh? So I went to Best Buy (I didn’t want to wait for Amazon to ship one to me) and bought a very simple/inexpensive Joystick. So now having two joysticks, multi controller support was fairly quickly added. It is pretty neat – I mapped the joystick in my left hand to control lateral thrusters and the right to control ship turning. Player’s on Steam (that were requesting the new feature) gave it some paces/tests and reported favorable outcomes as well. One player even requested that I add controller support to Tactical mode – to me a bit of an odd request, but there’s no in game reason why not, so that will be added a bit later. Having multi controller support makes me want to purchase a fancier HOTAS type device(s), but for now other issues are more important.