Its been a while since I posted, there’s been loads of topics that I didn’t cover.

Secondary weapons, finalizing the GUI, finishing the story, improving arena mode and adding skirmish mode. Writing up and adding the Guide.

But what’s closest on my mind is preparing for release. So I’ll write up a few lists…



  • Typos in trailer
  • Erratic movements when I record – why don’t I slow down a bit?
  • Windows Movie Maker crashes – still where would I be without it?
  • Marketing assets
  • Every single site wants their own dimensions
  • When making them – nearly all my existing assets didn’t (initially) work in some particular way
  • Can’t fall asleep (nights)
  • Can’t stay asleep (mornings)
  • Short temper
  • Feeling of not enough time
  • Constantly checking Steam’s upcoming releases – who will I be up against?
  • Typos in emails to media/YouTube channels (I shouldn’t be doing those at late at night)
  • Looking for website templates – having to click on the commercial license button – seeing sticker shock (they lure you in with $25 license for non-commercial)
  • Tense up for a moment due to some stress – here comes the back pain


Stuff that calms me down:

  • I made a game! – stuff of dreams thought
  • Recording game play for trailers – and thinking – hey its pretty good
  • Watching new trailers – with epic music
  • Talking with a player while they narrate what section of the story game they are on – thankful it works!
  • Positive feedback on release plan announcement (both KS and Steam)
  • Finding a cool/simple template for the website – that’s donation based, sending a donation and getting thanks from the author
  • Managing to sleep a little bit
  • Knowing I can’t really control much of anything – up to Steam audience
  • Making lists





2 thoughts on “Frustrations

  1. holocronweaver

    Your emotional experience closely parallels mine, and I haven’t even teased my game yet! Doesn’t bode well for my future as an indie dev, but I’ll find a way.

    Regular, intense exercise really eased up my back pain and improved my sleep. Not a panacea, but definitely makes things more tolerable. Sometimes I even feel good, even on the days where I get no sleep!

    I also switch between standing and sitting while working. I don’t have a fancy setup. I place Amazon boxes on top of my desk and use them to support my monitors / laptop, and a separate set of boxes for my wireless keyboard and mouse. Of course, standing for hours has its own problems, which is why I alternate sitting and standing. Nothing can replace taking breaks, but as someone whose day and night ‘jobs’ both involve almost non-stop desk work with computers and books, I know that saving your back and butt can save your soul.

    BTW, I have been following your blog and Kickstarter updates since we first talked on OGRE forums while you were launching your Kickstarter. Your work has been a constant source of inspiration to me and set a high bar for the level of output I need to keep up. When Void Destroyer is released and you get a chance to breathe and take a step back, I think you are going to crack a smile at the majestic scope of your work. You accomplished so much in so little time! Few people are ever so productive in their whole lives.

    Consider this a virtual high five for all you have done and all you have yet to do. Ragnarock on!

  2. arrmaytey Post author

    Thanks! I’m too tired to reply in my usual ramblingness. But I will say that I appreciate you taking the time to write and defiantly keep me informed and let me know if I can help in some way. I’ve had so much help that its amasing.

    In regards to my back – its actually very strong overall. And exercise helps tremendously and is a good tip, so is not sitting so much.

    Stress is a trigger and it started acting up this weekend. Yesterday – it wasn’t my actual back that was hurting – but individual spine bones – oh man.. vertebrae. So this morning – I put a pillot in between my chair and my back, all’s fine, now the pillow… it does nothing..

    Could you imagine if I wasn’t so tired as to ramble more?

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