Objectives and Tutorials

The basics of objectives are done, I can add either a “destroy this” objective or a “press this key” objective. There is a gui showing a list of current objectives and their descriptions. There is feedback to the player when an objective is completed and a new objective has been added. There is also a “pop up window” that stops the game until the player hits continue which will mostly be used in the keys tutorial (hit F2 to change to chase view etc etc) to highlight to the player the new action he/she is to take next. I’m pretty happy with what I have so far, but… doing this work I realize how far I have to go before I have enough tools programmed into the engine in regards to story mode, I’ll need more objective types (the more I have the bigger variety of missions I can create), game cut scenes, dialogs, triggers, special AI for special ships.. etc etc, a big list. Also I need to start thinking about where to store the tutorials, for iter 4 they may be stored in the C++ files thus stored in the .exe file itself, later on they really should be in an binary, XML or just plain text document for easy editing.

What is next is to write out the first tutorial, after that I will have to create new types of objectives for the tutorial detailing how to build ships, the tutorial that detils how to build stations, and how to take advantage of the tactical mode and script those tutorials as well.