Pretty Calm Now

Last night and this morning was brutal – I felt sure that I wasn’t ready and that the game was crap. I fought with the sound engine – and although I improved a few issues, it overall won and I’ll ship with some sound pops.

This morning – a crash bug on exiting the game (of all things popped out). This is the height of embarrassment… Debug mode in the compiler couldn’t reproduce the problem. I had to do it the old school way of putting logs and seeing where the game crashes and compare it to the log. Did it trigger this section? No… keep trying, yes.. ok where in this section, took about an hour. Found the bug and fixed it, and the rest of the day was great, seemingly no issues.

I played a bunch of missions and fixed up some difficulty issues – though I might have made it too difficult, this is hard to say as I get better and better at my own game and introduce more and more tools (weapons, abilities, ways of controlling ships, strategies) – that I then use in game. Anyway I hope that this isn’t the case. The good thing is that I modified the late game, so by then players should be pretty good as well.


While playing – I got to enjoy the game at its best, giving ample opportunities to use both ship and tactical mode – while enjoying the newest music tracks.

I feel pretty good so let’s just leave it at that.


Now I can’t find the post button on this thing…

Still can’t find it… what the hell…

Going to read this in the future and laugh.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Calm Now

  1. James


    Love the game and trying to get into it however it is so freaking hard. Is there a dev console option so i can have a chance at playing the game fully? Apologies if this seems like an insult to you since you placed all that effort in making the game. I just keep getting clocked at least 3 times per mission and its killing it for me. Thanks

    1. arrmaytey Post author

      There are difficulty settings – while in game, hit ESC then click Difficulty. You can boost all friendly ship health by 10% And you can reduce (nearby) enemy health by 10/20/30

      There is also modding to your heart’s content, the Data folder is organized pretty well, and you can open up the “.xml” (aka text files – with notepad) and change health values, or boost up a secondary weapon to be godly.

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