Settling in to the new normal

So shortly after the game’s release – I quit my job “day job”. Or as I like to say – I fired myself.


To recap – prior to going on Steam’s Early Access (a year ago) my day job was that of a “IT Manager.” A few months after Early Access I asked my employer if I could work part time, and my boss agreed (I might have quit the day job if this wasn’t the outcome) – so I had two additional days to work on Void Destroyer – Mondays and Fridays.


Now that Void Destroyer is officially released – and the release went well - I have now quit the part time – and am now a full time game developer. Pretty awesome huh? Well I have more to write about the topic, so I’ll cut that aspect short here.


But what I’ll mention is that I’m settling into the new normal. The “wake up and go to work, sit at a desk then go home” aspect of my life is fading, and how I live now is starting to feel normal. I wake up whenever I want (usually 7:30am).  I cook dinner on Thursdays – timing it precisely for when my wife gets home from her job. I go to the gym at around 2pm. I drive in a week about the same amount of miles as I used to drive a day. I take naps!


And of course – I work on Void Destroyer.


Life is good! Now to make this last.

2 thoughts on “Settling in to the new normal

  1. Rui Figueira

    Congratulations, but don’t get too lazy. :)
    I’ve worked from home for over 1 year too. Was awesome, although I was doing freelance for someone else.

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