Iter 16

A bunch more polish happened over the last week and I think iter 16 is mostly ready. Hoping to release it during the next week, then go from there.

Today I spent creating the trailer for it, yep took most of the day. I thought a few times that I need to add in a better “video camera” code/support, will come in handy in the future.

Earlyer in the week I added in “space dust” – to give the player a sense of movement in an otherwise empty “void of space”. I think it turned out pretty well, one experiment with space dust yielded a very cool “in nebula” effect, hoping to use that in the near future.

4 thoughts on “Iter 16

    1. admin Post author

      Yeah – Naumachia… those clouds… It got cancelled? That’s insane… There was an incredible amount of interest when those trailers hit.

      Have to put a vid together about those dust clouds I mentioned, they aren’t Naumachia good, but they are pretty cool.

      1. SolCommand

        Yeah, asked the devs a while ago what are their with that game and they said it’s just not gonna happen. Nowadays they made some simple kids game for smartphones, can’t remember its name, so Naumachia got killed before even lifting from the ground. Really sucks.

        1. arrmaytey Post author

          Hmm.. I wonder what happened. Seems like if they released for $5 they’d get tons of sales.

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