3 thoughts on “Iteration 1 ready for download.

  1. Slaor

    This looks cool, downloading now – just from the screens it actually looks *very* similar to something I was trying to create using the Battlezone 2 engine ie: Homeworld style RTS from the cockpit…if you are interested check out Epic project on my blog at slaor.blogspot.com.

    Do you have a designer on board?

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the interest! Funny thing is that I never played Battlezone and I have no idea how I skipped it, from what I know it looks like a game I would have loved. Your site looks cool, definatley good artwork and modeling.

      Right now I am a team of one, at this stage it is probably most efficient (although I’m eager for feedback and ideas, etc). I can do whatever I want without regard to other people’s work (since its just me!). For example I’m swapping from the solar system concept into a asteroid field concept. Instead of the player going: eeewwww that moon is so tiny compared to that carrier! I hope that the player will go: look at that massive carrier next to that asteroid base! That’s a huge design shift, but there is no one to apologize to. Plus I’m one day hoping to make this project into a commercial venture, and figuring the ins and outs of that factoring a team would at this stage take away from the actual work.

      Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

  2. Slaor

    Cool mate, good luck with it! If you ever get to the point of wanting to put a team together keep me in mind, I like designing capital ships and rarely get the opportunity ;)

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