Command ship progress and happenings

The very basics of the command ship upgrades is in place. Players can now upgrade and repair the command ship a bit, the only options avaiable are to add front guns, turrets, boost cruise speed and autorepair rate. These are just basic placeholders that are useful for coding the behind the scenes of the command ship, so if you think they are lame… you are right. These upgrades are passive, meaning that they are always on and don’t require any thought to use, they currently also have no cost except for time. In the next/future iterations the command ship will also gain active abilities, for example a missile barrage or some sort of a heavy weapon, more are planned and appear in a list on this forum thread: feel free to add to this list. Players will select these abilities, they will be active for a short time and take a bit of time to re-charge/get ready for next use making them a tactical decision and a great aid in fights. In near iterations upgrades and abilities will also cost resources, the command ship will get these resources either from trading stations (you will see a cargo container fly towards the command ship) or through trading ships. Making the decision to upgrade and which portions to upgrade a strategic decision with costs and benefits as well.

In more personal news, this was finals week, and I’m now on “summer vacation” (still full time employed). A month and a bit without school, then back for a brief summer session and then a Fall session. I’m hoping I’ll be able to add quite a bit to this project over this free time.