Iteration 5 news: Textured models incoming and finaly a name for the project

I’ve purchased some stock models and they will soon appear in game. Also I’ve begun actively recruiting artists to start the process of bringing the game’s assets up to a professional level. So in Iteration 5 (due in about a week more or less) you will start to see more and more textured assets.

In other news I’ve finally settled on the name of this project, and the name is “Void Destroyer” I’m terrible with naming things because it is hard for me to make a final decision, I get very critical of names, sometimes staring at the “name your character screen” for a while in games. I’ve registered and will soon start to build that website. The website will be in a more “themed” fashion (as compared to whose goal is about the technical and game development aspects of the project). The Void Destroyer website will include the background for the “universe” of the game, descriptions of the forces you encounter and tech that make up the game world in the hopes of getting players more excited about the project, drawing them into the setting. The neat thing about finally settling on a name is that it will become less awkward to discuss the game, instead of saying “unnamed project” I can say Void Destroyer, this means that I could start approaching the blog and game review communities with the title.