Void Destroyer – Iteration 5 state of the game

Well I don’t feel as happy as I thought I would finally adding in the command ship. The game has changed a bit, the difficulty decreased significantly since the command ship can easily be upgraded at this current state. I’ll have to work on toning this down and slowind down this process, giving it a real cost instead of just 30 seconds per upgrade.

The truth is that the project must become a better game as a result of adding such a complex thing as I imagine the command ship becoming. It will be your base, your command center, your seat of power, your warship, and essencially the player’s physical representation in the game. Something that has to be invested in, protected and risked. So the game will need real risk and real reasons for putting the command ship into a dangerous situations. I’ll have to give the game objectives for the command ship to conquer. That means more dynamic world, better AI, and stronger enemies. At the same time I plan on implementing command ship abilities, like shields, heavy weapons, and quick get aways.

Right now the game isn’t as good as I think it was in iteration 4, the mindless fun of kill until you are killed is a bit altered with the addition of the command ship. I’ll need to preserve this, and add more strategy, more goals, more game. Oh well, I hope you come along for the ride :)