New missiles incoming and some tweaks to the trails

Here’s a small video of some neat stuff. Before missiles were single colored ugly models (my work). Now they are sleek looking and textured (artist – Edocsil). Players may not take much notice of them (in light of all the other things going on), but to me they are amazing! The missile trails also got a tweak, before they were yellow turning to orange, now they are a bit “smokier” they start off white and end up mostly translutent to give the visual effect of fading smoke.

Also in the video is the new “rock” frigate (also modeled and textured by Edocsil). I love how bizzare it is, I don’t know if any other game has such a strange looking (but cool!) vessel.

2 thoughts on “New missiles incoming and some tweaks to the trails

  1. Anthony

    You didn’t happen to put a video in this post because I suggested you make more videos showing new features, did you?!

    I was speaking to you on Reddit recently (Username is Centipeed).

    Regardless, this is looking great. Can’t wait to try out Iteration 8, and if it doesn’t work on my netbook I’ll find another computer to play it on, and then get back to you about it.

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