Base assault play testing

It is interesting how different things actually play out than what you put into the game as code and logic.

Here’s a list:
I found and fixed a bug – stations couldn’t be destroyed. I don’t know how long this bug was in effect, since the enemy now builds stations this bug became apparent after I ordered the Command ship to destroy a defense station of the base I was assaulting. Speaking of stations, I recently changed the health points of stations that were being built, I made them start at 0 and increase as the station was being built (prior they started with max health even 1 second into their existance). Meaning that in theory the player could destroy the station as it was being built and not yet operational. The Command ship was firing all its guns and missiles and did put a dent in the station but couldn’t destroy it (the health generation was overwhelmed the damage), so I need to change this process and stop the station’s health growth if it is under fire. Otherwise the situation is a bit silly.

Minor bug regarding ships wanting to return to a friendly base, instead they should patrol the enemy base until the player commands them otherwise.

After defeating the defenders I realized that I have to tweak a few things, I started sending in the boarding ships, and realized that it would take quite a lot of them to kill the crew of the base which at this point numbered at over 1500. I plan on putting a cap the station’s population (this is a easy way to control difficulty as well, nearer stations will have smaller cap than further away bases). To create more strategy I plan on putting in “city” stations, which will allow for a larger work force (raising the crew cap), but they are much more vulnerable to attack since they are outside the base in a station that can be destroyed. The enemy and probably players will build defense stations around these too :)

The base’s crew generation (it is a percentage based one) was far greater than the rate of boarding ships I was sending so I need to stop the increase of population if the station is being boarded, plus put a max on population growth instead of making it a straight percentage only deal.

I also plan on putting in different ways that the player could hurt the base’s crew, for example a station that shoots torpedos (or even meteors, why not eh?) at other far away stations and bases, if shot at a base it would kill 5% of the station’s occupants (meaning that this torpedo station alone wouldn’t be enough to destroy an enemy). Plus the torpedos will have low health so that defensive stations will have a chance to destroy them. And with the city stations I mentioned, base assaults will become much more interesting. I think this will more strategy and fun to the game! Very excited about the future.