Happenings – Iteration 11

Iteration 10 came and went so the project is officially in alpha state :) This means that more focus will be taken towards improvement and polish than adding game elements. The previous iterations had a fairly narrow focus (adding in the command ship, adding in base captures, adding research etc), iteration 11 has no such focus instead its aim is to generally improve the gameplay. This past week turrets have been given the ability to pivot (no longer will projectiles exit a turret at an angle that the barrel is not facing), multi barreled weapons have been put in place, muzzle flashes added, and other such enhancements.

For example right now I’m working on torpedos. Torpedos are a type of a missile, except that unlike standard missiles these obey the laws of the physics engine (inertia and momentum) and can be destroyed, however they pack a much more powerful punch and have greater range. Right now however torpedos are strangely wobbling in the general direction of their target… but not quite ready for battle.

Its a lot of fun doing this kind of work because visually many things are happening. Much more to come!