Iteration 11 news – no Iteration 11 this month

So for the first time since the project went public there won’t be a monthly update. Reason being is that although quite a lot has changed since iter 10 (take a look at the current change log here) there’s not much to show. For example the game now features pivoting turrets, “energy” missiles (something like photon torpedos from Star Trek), torpedos (slow moving destroyable missiles), multiple barreled guns (for turrets mostly), energy bullets, rocket bullets, and a new shotgun type of a gun. There’s quite a lot more changes, so why not release them to you to enjoy? Well just because the turrets can pivot… doesn’t mean that I have turret models that support pivoting (I only have 1, an awesome one, but still just one). There is a new super cool “shotgun” type gun (shoots bullets in a cone) but no ships that actually have it. So in the end Iteration 11 would look pretty much like iteration 10 – only most likely more buggy.

So I decided that iteration 11 will take some more time. Also I’m not sure if iteration 11 will come at the end of November, behind the scenes there’s a fairly big graphics overhaul going on so releasing it piecemeal would diminish the effect, plus the aforementioned aspects. This may become the norm in alpha as the focus is on polish more so than adding in features month by month. Let me know what you think and feel about this, your feedback may sway me to release updates in a more timely manner – if there is something tangible to release.