Iteration 12 – back into it

Well its been about 2 weeks of little to no activity. Few factors at work here: its always a bit difficult to get back into the project after releasing an iteration (the question becomes what to do next), the end of a school semester, had a final exam yesterday (one (Summer) more to go till degre…) and of course Drew’s passing.

Yesterday had a fairly rough time, everything I started seemed to go badly, either I wasn’t very interested in that aspect or it was evading me due to lack of concentration, today was much better, I have a fairly good focus for iteration 12. Tactical mode enhancements. Focusing mostly on giving the player more control over ships. First few steps: a hold this position and patrol this position commands. Next up issuing go to this position via mouse right clicks and other misc commands to let the player communicate with his/her forces. Hoping to also put in the ability to issue individual turret orders – eg: in Tactical mode click on a turret – then right click on enemy.

So feeling good about the weekened right now – coding useful and interesting features, and back on track. I’m thinking that Iteration 12 is about a month and a half away going to try to focus on its scope to release it in a fairly timely fashion.