Tactical commands

Working on tactical commands, here’s a quick recap:

Added a “Wait” command – sometimes you may want heavy assault shisp to go in first and more vulnerable marine frigates to wait a minute before entering the battle field.
Added a “rotate” command and put in a visual representation of where the ship(s) will rotate to.

What’s interesting about the wait and rotate commands is that these are “top level” commands – so wait will always jump to the top except when the command is rotate, so for example you could tell your ships to wait a minute before heading into battle, but in the meantime you could tell them to rotate so that their turrets get good firing angles prior to heading in.

Re-did a bunch of the tactical gui – added the above commands and the other ones (patrol, hold etc) to “buttons” which will eventually be turned from text into little icons to save space and to lessen the learning curve.

Next up is re-doing the move command and then issuing individual orders to turrets – so you could issue a wait command to your frigates – send in the fighters to distract your enemy – tell the frigates to turn a certain way, issue commands to the frigates turrets – then order a move command to strafe the battle field with turret fire :) Hopefuly these commands will satisfy any budding space tacticians :)
Feel really excited about adding in these commands.