Iteration 2 – ready for download

The past week or so I’ve been testing and fixing minor issues. I’ve played about an hour or so without any crashes so I think I got a good amount of them taken care of.

You can download it here.

Even putting up a new release is time very consuming…Today I re-created the installer, updated the website, uploaded the installer and created a new promotional video.

What started off as an idea (asteroid bases) turned into an enhanced station building process, new stations, a new ship, changed interface and many other small tweaks. I played a bit of the actual release and am a little bit worried that it may be too difficult (for a beginner) because the player has to activley create a shipyard station now (in iteration 1 a station was there already built).

Next week I start on iteration 3, converting the game world to asteroid bases only. The code for planets will still be around, so down the line they may make a comback (in instant action mode, scenarios, mods etc).