Re-vamped ship models

After releasing iteration 2 I felt a bit burned out from programming and started playing around with Blender. Surprisingly I drew a pretty neat ship. I then drew another, and then decided to do a model re-vamp. Some models have been redrawn from new, some just spiced up quite a bit with more details. The models aren’t at the level I’d like, however they are much more detailed and better than the old, so I’m happy. Now I’m burned out from modeling.

The carrier re-draw that started it

The alien carrier that followed

Using the re-created alien carrier model I re-created the destroyer

The pirate carrier was also re-drawn

Re-drawn Terran fighter.

I told a friendof mine that my 3D modeling skills “leveled up.” The same friend also provided the new turret models. Truthfuly I have to thank SolCommand, I looked a lot at his models and thought “Why are mine so crappy?” and studied what I think are his techniques, thought about them and tried them out.

2 thoughts on “Re-vamped ship models

  1. SolCommand

    Well mate, you’re getting there. Next time you’ll go and modify the ships you’ll learn even more tricks and so on. Pretty soon you’ll have awesome graphics.
    Cya around.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, praise from my modeling idol :)

      I still haven’t broken through the “everything is a square like shape.”

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