More happenings

Been working on visual feedback in tactical mode – so now you’ll see “pings” that represent objects being destroyed while in tactical mode. You’ll also see little streaks representing weapons fire. Both are placeholder particles and are in a bad need of re-work, but for now I’ll ignore them.

Also I’ve added “nav points” – basically you can create a sort of a virtual navigation beacon – and you can move this nav point and issue a go to commands to ship by selecting ships and then right clicking on the nav point. Via this you can organize your ships a bit better. If you move the nav point ships that were going to it will be updated as well – giving you a sort of a real time command over ships, I think its pretty neat :)

Because you can also select and focus the camera on these nav points – you can quickly zoom around the map to points of interest. For example maybe nav point 1 is your home base, and nav point 2 is an enemy base you want to keep an eye out. Press Alt 2 to select the 2nd nav point then press Alt 2 and your camera will move to look at it automatically.

I’m mostly running out of ideas for neat control features in Tactical mode, I think they are fairly solid now, so after this weekend I’ll probably focus on more visual feedback, then tweak some AI stuff, polish some and we’ll have iteration 12 to play with.