Polishing up

Mostly doing some polish, lots of little things – bug fixes, AI tweaks, visuals, gui, etc. Have mostly ran out of things I want to do for iter 12 so going to hold off on some larger things for the next iteration.

Speaking of the next iteration – the rought plan is to polish up ship switching (instead of blindly toggling ships you’ll get a little menu sorted by class of ship and distance to current position). Then work on AI and then allow for traveling to different “sectors” via the rock gates.

The AI work is probably the most interesting basically I want to work on “ship postures” – right now they are defensive and aggressive, and this setting determins at what range the ship will engage enemies, but I am planning on changing this to engage and pursue. Engage means engage nearby (without using gravity drive), pursue means ok to pursue far away (ok to use gravity drive). Ships will by default be engage, this will hopefuly eliminate some issues where player ships may fly off to far away places and promply get slaughtered by the defenders. Basically the goal is to make the AI more predictable.