Control Mapping

The past 2 weeks have been spent on control mapping. This also included some re-factoring of the control code. For example before the refactoring – the code/engine logic for commands issued via keyboard and joystick were completely separate. Now all input devices share the same logic. So whatever the device you can issue the same commands, and they all work :)

I also decided to “quickly” (took about 3 days) refractor the options menus – there were two of them. So now there is a shared “options menu” in the “main menu” and “in game menu” states. This means that adding more options will be easier as I wouldn’t have to do it in two places or decide which place it should go.

Today – finally – I started polishing up for iter 16. Command ship abilities are re-enabled (didn’t want to post pone iter 15 any longer so I took them out right before releasing iter 15) and I’ve done a few other little tweaks – including a “LOADING…” splash screen, so that new players won’t think that the game crashed right after double clicking on the game’s shortcut.

Going to spend the next two or so week adding/polishing up additional “little things” – which tends to feel very satisfying :)