Road to Beta

Early in the week I added a few tweaks to the unlock system, it is mostly complete now. Next up was adding to the story/content. This is where a few days in the week got mostly lost. The issue was indecision and at certain points lack of assets.

The end result is a clear direction so the few lost days were well spent. Plus they were week days which don’t tend to yield much anyway due to the time constraints. I spent the weekend working towards the new content, which will feature a boss battle. The focus of the game will change from base building/capture to more of a pure combat and somewhat exploration type deal. What’s cool is that it will serve as a bit of an interlude before returning to the base/capture gameplay.  Plus this interlude will allow for introduction and combat versus different enemies – than the rock faction, adding in variety.

In working towards the boss battle I added a new weapon system. The ship that mounts it had been waiting for it for several months, so I’m happy that it is getting to be fully added into the game. I don’t want to post any spoilers here, so I’ll stop talking about it, except to say that I think its going to be awesome :)

Also I rebalanced a bunch of ships, I added a new turret to the game – specialized for point defense. This turret will replace the “perez turret” which has twin barrels. By having a single barrel turret there will be less projectiles flying around leading to a few neat benefits.

  • Improved performance and less memory usage – which is useful for adding in more ships and objects.
  • Less damage – longer more strategic combat.
  • The Perez G corvette being more unique since not every other ship has the same turret. The turret still shows up in other spots, but its overall less used.
  • Neat looking new turret :)


I have to do something similar to the rock guys faction. I’m striving towards “mostly 60fps” on my somewhat old PC, meaning on very awesome performance on a more modern PC. In my tests projectiles were the major culprits towards slow downs.