Iteration 3 almost here

I remmember a while back a friend of mine had a baby, I teased him comparing taking care of my cat (then a new arrival as well) to him taking care of his newborn. He would say: Its nothing like a baby! Well if I had friends in the game industry I would tease them now comparing me getting ready to release iteration 3 to them during their releases. I’ve been fairly busy tweaking the game, fixing a few bugs, updating models, play testing, balancing, updating the website with new screen shots and making a new video for youtube. I have to remind myself: it isn’t commercial yet, so you can take breaks (sitting in front of a computer eventually gets to me) and don’t have to keep a ridig schedule.

I keep thinking that if I was a company and had a team I could have someone else do the website and other tasks. Oh well maybe one day!