Iteration 3 released

The planets are gone and enemies now ramp up until their are fairly unstoppable, I’ve played and tweaked the game last night and the longest I’ve lasted was about 28 minutes (thanks to some defense stations) before succumbing to the onslaught.

Few more tweaks and this morning to the installer to make sure it is consistent with the older iteration (same install directory). The installer now also creates a link to the manual in the Programs Directory, minor but important things like that.

The major goal for iteration 4 will be to have a semi complete tutorial, in addition to the usual tweaks and fixes. The nice thing about starting on the tutorial system is that the same code will be re-used for the story mode, since a tutorial is basically an objective based sequence of events, same as a story line.

Hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Iteration 3 released

  1. SolCommand

    Hey man,
    I watched the video you uploaded for Iteration 3 and I have to say it looks like a major update … new ships, new enemies (least that I haven’t seen so far). I will download the game tonight and play it wile at work and I’m sure I’ll have a bit of fun before the AI blasts me.

    1. admin Post author

      You’ll definatley see some familiar sights too (your asteroid bases and stations). I spent a good week working on the new models which are based on the Blendswap shipyard download, funny thing is that they look at lot better, but I’m less proud of them since I can’t say that they are my work (even though I put in a lot of hours into them). I think that I’m at the point where I won’t feel the need to tweak/change the models and I can instead focus on coding and design.

      Sooner or later its bound to happen that none of the models will be my work and they sure will look great.

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