More on tactical

Added visualizations for these commands – so for example if you want to know what ship A is doing… click on that ship and you’ll see if its patroling, turning, moving some place. This also includes the ability to see multiple way points – if they were specified via the newly re-vamped move command. Speaking of which you can now also initiate a move command via right clicking on an empty spot on the map – much like every other RTS does :) Something that was very much missing from the project.

I’ve also added “keyboard grouping” for ships – yep again – much like every other RTS does – press CTRL + 1,2…0 to designate selected ships to a group, then press that key to select those ships. So you can designate a defensive fleet, offensive fleets, support fleets, and quickly select them and issue orders. So far so good on these commands, but lots of polish is needed. More command and tactical visualizations on the horizon: gravity drive hops, hold command visual, mouse over info (now that right clicking an empty spot has a different function – need to show player what they are right clicking on), and hopefuly I’ll get to “combat” visualizations in tactical mode as well – ships firing on one another, taking damage, and exploding.